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Marketplace Fairness Coalition Releases Lost Sales Tax Revenue Analysis

September 21, 2017


WASHINGTON, DC - Today, the Marketplace Fairness Coalition released an analysis detailing the amount of sales tax revenue each state is estimated to lose over the next five years if the remote sales tax loophole remains unclosed. The analysis uses the National Conference of State Legislatures' 2015 national uncollected sales tax data to calculate the projections. Key findings include:

  • More than $211 billion in revenue will be lost through 2022 without a federal E-Fairness solution
  • Next year, states will lose $34 billion in uncollected sales taxes
  • Three-quarters of states will lose more than $1 billion, four of which will lose more than $10 billion, in the next five years
"The loss of such a massive amount of revenue, totaling more than $211 billion nationally over the next five years, will continue to threaten essential functions of state and local governments, including education and public safety," said the Coalition. "This data should send a loud and clear message: now is the time for a federal solution to close the remote sales tax loophole."
Learn more about remote sales tax losses for each state here.