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It’s High Time Congress Passed Efairness

Many people maintain that if Congress enacts The Marketplace and Internet Tax Fairness Act (MITFA) then buyers will end up paying more taxes to states. They also mistakenly represent that out-of-state retailers would become responsible for paying sales and use …

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Don’t listen to the naysayers – eFairness momentum picks up in Congress!

While the opposition would have you believe that Congress will let the clock run out on efairness legislation, the latest activity in both the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate demonstrates otherwise.  Champions in both chambers are determined to level …

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Marketplace Fairness is a Win for Everyone

A competitive retail marketplace is good for everybody. Customers get better prices, better selection and better service. Retailers are rewarded for competing and winning their business. For that system to work though, you need to have a level playing field …

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Believe in free markets and the rule of law? Then you should support sales tax fairness!

As a retailer that does millions in business both on-line and over-the-counter, I want to voice my opinion about the Marketplace Fairness Act. This legislation isn’t about protecting retailers from free-market competition, or running to the government for help. It …

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An Internet sales tax rant

This piece originally appeared in Bicycle Retailer. It is repurposed here with the author’s permission. Click here to read the original piece. It is outrageous that the federal government continues to give the middle finger to brick-and-mortar businesses across the …

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