Complaints About Collecting Sales Tax Are Red Herrings

Simms Fishing in Bozeman, Montana provides fishing products to 550 specialty fly fishing stores throughout the United States as well as larger chain retailers, such as Cabela’s and Bass Pro Shop. Simms Fishing strongly supports efairness because they believe it’s important to the future of their industry. Fly fishing stores provide free lessons, product education and other services to the communities where they are located. If these store go away, so do these services.  When Simms Fishing began selling directly to consumers via their website, the company decided that they wanted it to be on a level playing field with their retailers. Even though Montana doesn’t have sales tax, it was important to them to collect in the states that do. Simms Fishing found that there are several good third party services that make collecting and remitting sales tax from online purchases painless.  The following video features Simms Fishing president, K.C. Walsh, discussing the importance of efairness and the software that makes it possible.

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