New tools help supporters speak out for efairness

The Campaign for 21st Century Retail has launched a series of initiatives and resources to help you help us bring the message of efairness to every Main Street storefront and Congressional office. Marketplace fairness is about getting the government’s thumb off of the retail scales and updating the out-of-date sales tax structure that prevents states from managing their own budgets.

New studies keep coming out that reinforce what we already know: sales taxes are the least harmful, most broad based taxes available to state and local governments. Out-of-state online sellers continue to exploit a decades-old loophole created by a Supreme Court decision, putting local brick-and-mortar stores at a distinct pricing disadvantage and threatening their ability to stay in business.

In short, the Marketplace Fairness Act is a long-overdue and common sense solution that will restore free and fair competition to the marketplace. Let’s tell Congress to pass this important bill in 2013!

Here are some of the new initiatives and resources available now:

  • New installments in our 21st Century Retail Project featuring small business owners around the country advocating for the Marketplace Fairness Act
  • New integrated marketing campaign with billboards and local print and online ads
  • New blog posts by small business owners exploring how the Marketplace Fairness Act would help them, their customers and communities.

We’ve also added a new grassroots resources page featuring all the tools you will need to help us advocate for the Marketplace Fairness Act. Check out the page here or by clicking the “Get Involved!” button on our website for:

  • How to set up a meeting with your Member of Congress in his/her district office
  • How to bring the efairness message to a town hall or other public event
  • A sample letter to send to your Member of Congress
  • Sample op-ed and letter-to-the-editor to send to your local newspapers
  • Talking points to inspire your advocacy and strengthen your own case for efairness
  • Desktop wallpaper that shows your support and includes an action checklist

Swing by the site, check out the resources, and let us know what you think ( Or better yet, grab a few of the tools on the grassroots resources page and tell Congress to pass the Marketplace Fairness Act today!


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