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An Internet sales tax rant

This piece originally appeared in Bicycle Retailer. It is repurposed here with the author’s permission. Click here to read the original piece. It is outrageous that the federal government continues to give the middle finger to brick-and-mortar businesses across the …

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A simple choice for Congress: grow the economy with Marketplace Fairness or lose local jobs

For more than two decades, retailers in the Roanoke region have had to compete with out-of-state Internet sellers who do not collect sales taxes their Virginia customers owe. Here in our area, that means a 5.3% competitive disadvantage for our …

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Georgia’s Local Retailers Need Our Help Now

I live in a small town in South Georgia where we’re more than just a “community,” we are neighbors. The merchants in our downtown districts are part of that neighborhood too. They are the first ones to sign up to support our school teams and every …

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For retail staff and owners, Marketplace Fairness Act means jobs and growth

It seems that lately it’s one store closing after another here in the Daytona area. In fact, thousands of Florida businesses and jobs are hanging in the balance, thanks in part to an unfair government policy that drives sales to …

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Retailers deserve facts, not false alarms

No claim is more popular among opponents of the Marketplace Fairness Act than that MFA would require businesses to file taxes in something like 10,000 jurisdictions. The most emphatic opponents even talk about audits from 500 Native American governments. Those …

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