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New study about online sales tax asks the wrong questions

According to a recent article in The Atlantic, a new study by “Stanford researchers” tries to take a look at the effects that sales tax would have on online shopping. The problem is, they they don’t take into account that sales …

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How government is killing retailers and retail jobs

This piece originally appeared on The Daily Caller.  It is repurposed here with their permission.  Click here to read the original piece. When government implements job-creation policies, sometimes it ignores the obvious. Take retail employment. Retailers with actual storefronts employ …

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Brick-and-mortar retail: The backbone of our communities

My company, Abbell Associates, is proud of the involvement it has had in communities across the country for more than 70 years.  A good example of this dedicated involvement is Westgate Village Shopping Center, in Toledo, Ohio.  My Grandfather first …

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Main Street Stores Should Not Become Online Retailers’ Showrooms

In the flooring industry, we understand that customers are eager to find the best deal because purchases are large commitments. Our sales representatives are happy to guide customers through the process of selecting an appropriate flooring product, developing a budget, …

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Congress Must Act NOW

Competition is a necessary part of a thriving retail marketplace. But in order for there to be real and fair competition, there has to be a level playing field. We need a business environment in which all retailers can grow, …

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